A stove for the Apocalypse, cooking for a troop or those of us who enjoy something a little different.

The stove arrived from a supplier as new old stock and I found a copy of operating instructions in English, a plus for safely operating a petrol stove

Swiss Army Gasoline Stove Manual (on this server)

original link Army Gasoline Stove Manual.pdf

I have a collection of potentially dangerous lanterns and stoves and commissioning to avoid a disaster is well worthwhile
I would suggest:-

  • plant sprayer with soapy water to check for leaks

pressurize and wait few hours to see if it drops.

(I tend to wait 24 hours after fixing any initial leaks)

  • I would strongly suggest until you are happy the stove or lantern is leak free do not light it.
  • First firing on small amount of paraffin and preheated with meths- as less risky than petrol until commissioned.


I had two leaks on the Swiss BVB- one was the drain valve washer that was rock hard and paint lump on sealing face which can be removed and polished with 600 and then 1200 wet and dry paper.

Page 49 the articulated arm and filter fig 33 and fig 34 page 50 leaked and I believe that long term storage had caused rubber sleeve to flat spot and possibly shrink slightly. I resolved this by removing articulated arm grub screws that are staked. Then with assistant I gently moved the burner arm up and down until it released from pivot.

Due to age of Swiss bvb stove design silicon grease wouldn’t have been widely available as far as I’m aware, I suspect that Vaseline should be okay as rubber is multi fuel safe and the instructions recommend gun cleaner for solvent (brake cleaner aka naptha should be okay also ).                    Vaseline the rubber sleeve and pivot, reassemble and make sure the groove for grub screws lines up.

Fit screws and do not stake with pin punch yet, I filled with a very very small amount of petrol and had no intention of lighting until I was sure the leaks had stopped. I tried the stove upto 3 bar to test for leaks and had a very very small one. I left in a garage free from sparks etc on a tray for 24 hours, the petrol causes seals to swell slightly sometimes and the burners in the open position also allow weight on articulated joint in storage box to be removed and equalized.

After 24 hours leak free, I set the pivot grub screws and with pin puch re staked them to avoid them falling out.

The burner operation is as expected, I do have some oil appearing in pre heat vessel, I believe this is from storage protection and a small amount of residual oil in gallon can that had previously had two stroke mix.                  I advise excess wiped out before next firing.( or oil will burn for ages if left)

Use manual to avoid an explosion from de pressurizing via filler as it should be via dipstick.

The articulated arm leaking appears to have stopped and articulated arm filter I could see as mentioned in manual isn’t present on mine

My background is a qualified electrical/mechanical engineer, my advice is given as is without any warranty.






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