want a lamp?

Want an authentic lantern? what is an authentic lantern and history

Tin petromax tin plated clones can be had for around £25 or you could consider either refurbishing an original.

Either way buy on a credit card and if it is junk keep getting supplier to replace it or let credit card company deal with it.


 http://www.sietsma-armygoods.nl/ go to tenten, toebehoren.
They show a nos unused petromax style lamp in a front loader case (the best) for 95,00 euro. Not cheap but well worth the money.

I don’t know the company from own experience but I haven’t heard bad things.
Like always you should ask for :
warranty, complete, new old stock, spare parts etc


Before buying it is worth considering that the design is not modern, if your happy to maintain as required they are a product that should provide years of faithful service with some maintenance.

Having emailed and waiting a reply, I hope to compare the construction and quality of a period lantern in it’s army case, the chrome is already coming off the hoods on the modern version I have.

If the modern ones were supplied to the army other than the  possibly britelyte versions they would have sat in the dark stinking of leaked paraffin.

I’d be interested how the anchor lantern compares at 2/3  less or the butterfly lantern.

I have looked locally casually and all I find is Coleman’s, which is a striking point as I would have expected petromax  clones to sell on price point.

Several dealers have either stopped selling petromax or confirm the quality as poor and upto 50% are not fit to sell without repairs so one dealer told me.

 http://www.classicpressurelamps.com is a good site to look at lanterns and they have a gallery http://www.classicpressurelamps.com/forum/showgallery.php?fid/4/


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